Protective gloves for car-body mechanic / panel beater

Soldering and welding (normal requirements, MIG, MAG)

Precision manual work with greasy objects

Textile gloves whose partial coating gives a degree of protection against permanent contact with oil and grease. The correct size is very important for a high level of dexterity.

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course 2 : the gloves - 25: Sizes of the protective gloves

Work with 2-component resins, paint, varnish and adhesives (protection against accidental contact)

Gloves in pure nitrile. They must be replaced when they have been contaminated by the product being handled. The material of the gloves can be permeated by chemicals after a short period of contact, or it can tear.

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course 2 : the gloves - 20: Resistance of the protective gloves to penetration and permeation by noxious substances
course 2 : the gloves - 18: Resistance to chemical products and micro-organisms : standard EN 374

General manual work, dry

Gloves for protection against mechanical risks. Many types of gloves conforming to the essential requirements of the standard SN EN 388.

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course 2 : the gloves - 7: Level of protection according to the category of risk
course 2 : the gloves - 6: The protecting glove