Protective gloves for housekeeper

Manual work with risk of minor injuries (from rough timber, sharp metal edges, etc)

Partially-coated textile gloves giving a degree of protection against the rough surfaces of timber, metal edges etc

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Liens Cours
course 2 : the gloves - 7: Level of protection according to the category of risk
course 2 : the gloves - 6: The protecting glove

Protection against skin puncture

Manual work with dirty or greasy objects, without any particular risk

Work with various chemical products (protection against intensive and prolonged contact)

Gloves resistant to chemical products, manufactured from a variety of materials. The manufacturers usually provide supplementary information on the resistance of the gloves to different chemical products.

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Liens Cours
course 2 : the gloves - 9: Pictograms CE
course 2 : the gloves - 22: Table of chemical resistance
course 2 : the gloves - 10: Evolution of the norms and pictograms